“Marketing Analysis Accounting Team Teamwork Business Meeting” by https://electrosawhq.com is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Highway 101 Community Liaison Committee (CLC) is dedicated to keeping you, and your community, informed about the design, construction and operation of the Highway 101 twinning project.

CLC members represent the interests of our community, from business and environmental, to health and safety. CLC members are committed to sharing and collecting information from stakeholders on behalf of the committee. We are guided in our work by the CLC Charter, which is our terms of reference.

The CLC Members include:

Shelley  Bibby Kathy Kehoe
Sheldon Hope Martin Laycock
Louis Coutinho Andrew Sheehy
Dave Crouchman Gail Tupper
Liz Galbraith Mike Oulton
Colin Hines Sonja Wood
Randy Hussey Darren Porter

The Project Team members attend all meetings as participants and observers, but are not formally CLC members.

The Project Team includes:

Kevin Bekkers, NSDA Bob Pett, NSTIR
Mark Brace, NSTIR Justin Tanner, NSTIR
Chasta Boudreau, NSTIR Lyle Russell, NSTIR