*** Update – December 5, 2016  – Recruitment for the CLC has closed. Applications are currently being assessed. ***

The search for Community Liaison Committee Members (CLC) for the Highway 101 Twinning – Three Mile Plains to Falmouth is underway!

Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (NSTIR) and Nova Scotia Agriculture (NSAg) have begun the search for CLC members, who will represent the different interests and sectors that make up the local community. As a group, these volunteer members will meet regularly with NSTIR and NSAg to provide advice and feedback on the highway twinning project. In addition, CLC members will help to communicate about the project through their networks of contacts in the community.

Want to find out more about the CLC? Do you want to apply to be a member of the committee? The information and application form you need are available on this website. Check out the CLC recruitment page for more information.