Laptop in classic libraryThe Library contains documents that are important to the project. These include reports, photos and videos. All reports are available for download.

CLC Newsletters

May 2017

September 2017

September 2018

Environmental Assessment

Communications Regarding the Choice of the Aboiteau and Causeway Option

Environmental Assessment Factsheet

Environmental Assessment Documents can be downloaded from the Nova Scotia Environment EA site here

Environmental Assessment Executive Summary – Extracted from the EA Report


Avon River Aboiteau and Causeway Upgrades: Pre-Construction Monitoring of the Avon River Estuary

Media Releases

Media release from Province of Nova Scotia announcing funding for project – April 26, 2017

Media release regarding recruitment of CLC members – November 2, 2016

Media release from NSTIR regarding Feedback from Twinning Consultations – April 7, 2017

Community Liaison Committee

Community Liaison Committee Charter (Draft)

Community Liaison Committee Membership Application – filllable online

Community Liaison Committee Membership Application 

Presentation by Design Consultants at January 16, 2018 meeting

Presentation by Design Consultants at September 19, 2018 meeting

Presentation by Project Team at February 27, 2019 meeting

Open House

Posters  from Open House Held On October 9, 2018


Acadian Centre for Estuarine Research (ACER)

Ecological Studies of the Windsor Causeway and Pesaquid Lake, 2002

Environmental Implications of Expanding the Windsor Causeway (Part 2): Comparison of 4 and 6 Lane Options, 2004

Fish Population Studies of the Avon Estuary, Pesaquid Lake and Lower Avon River, 2003

Saint Mary’s University

Saint Mary’s University Report on Elevation of Intertidal Environments – 2005

Saint Mary’s University Report on Spatial and Temporal Variations in the Intertidal Geomorphology of the Avon River Estuary – 2006

Saint Mary’s University Report on Intertidal Morphodynamics of the Avon River Estuary – 2007

Saint Mary’s University Assessment of Flooding Hazard along the Highway 101 corridor near Windsor, NS using LIDAR – 2009

Saint Mary’s University & CBWES Morphodynamics of the Avon River Estuary Report – 2017

Dalhousie University

Historic Examination Of The Changes In Diadromous Fish Populations And Potential Anthropogenic Stressors In The Avon River Watershed, Nova Scotia – 2005

Final MREM Report, Case B: Investigating the Options for Twinning Highway 101 at the Windsor Causeway: A Biophysical, Socio‐political and Legal Perspective – 2010


van Proosdi et al – Tale of Two Macro Tidal Estuaries – 2009

Presentation to Joint Council on July 27, 2017

Presentation to Joint Council on September 27, 2018


The “Cause” in Causeway: Crossing the Avon River at Windsor – Fundy Issues, Winter 2008


Map of the Twinning of Highway 101 at Windsor and Falmouth